A common question posed to a Criminal Defense attorney is: “How could you represent a criminal?” Easy, because that person could be you, or your child or loved one. We take our role very seriously when representing those accused of crimes. Remember, the label “convicted criminal” can legally be applied to those who are found in possession of prescription medication, had one too many drinks on a dinner date and drove home, or in the all too common scenario where one person’s allegation goes unchallenged. As criminal trial attorneys, we are not in the business of passing judgment on others or relying on assumptions. We operate with a belief that good people can make mistakes, including the arresting officer. Not every Defendant is guilty, and not every guilty defendant is a criminal. Our aggressive approach challenges the basic assumptions made when someone is arrested, and we start every single case out with the goal of freedom and vindication. Not all cases are the same, of course, and many defendants are willing to admit their culpability and take responsibility for their actions; that does not mean they should capitulate to every demand made by the State, and we work to aggressively insure that once in a lifetime mistakes do not create lifetime consequences.

Drug Charges
Among the more common offenses faced by our clients are drug possession charges. Convictions for a drug offenses can result in lifetime consequences, including a loss of certain constitutional rights and even access to certain forms of government assistance. What may have begun as a patient given pain medication by their physician can quickly descend into addiction and felony arrest and conviction. Price Law Group has a versatile approach to defending such cases: when a client seeks treatment, we guide them to the appropriate and responsible treatment programs, including those administered by the Courts; when a client is wrongfully accused, we advocate aggressively for dismissal. Over the years, Price Law Group has fostered a close relationship with the myriad treatment options available, all while dealing firmly with the State’s accusations against our clients. We understand first hand that Defendants do not enjoy the benefit of the doubt, regardless of constitutional ideals, and therefore demand a review and consideration of all the facts in each case. Countless times, people are arrested simply for being in the same house where drugs are found, or because they did not have a proof of a prescription on their person, or because a substance was subsequently tested and found not to be an illegal drug. Before our clients are branded as criminals for something as unintentional as developing an addiction, the State has to deal with us. We take enormous pride in defending our clients while simultaneously assisting them in recovering from their dependency. The people caught up in drug addiction are typically at their lowest point when they seek our assistance, and we are proud to stand by their side when few will.

DUI (Driving Under the Influence)
Perhaps no offense carries as much stigma for the average person as a DUI offense. Because most such charges are prosecuted in State Court (where only misdemeanors are tried) it follows that the prosecutors assigned to these cases take an aggressive stance, as these are among the most serious misdemeanor offenses. Immediately following arrest, Defendants are faced with a ticking clock where their freedoms and privileges are jeopardized. As DUI offenses are among the most technical cases in the legal arena, experience and confidence are a must in defending them. Price Law Group enjoys a reputation of competence and fearlessness among local prosecuting attorneys, which translates to a working relationship where positive results can be agreed upon, and, if not, a jury or judge trial can be aggressively litigated. We provide advice to clients that puts them in the best position to mitigate any damage done by their DUI arrest while preparing them for unforeseen consequences. The stakes are always high in such cases, but the confident representation offered by the attorneys at Price Law Group meet such challenges daily.

Juvenile Offenses
In the State of Georgia, when a child violates any criminal statute, the State may seek to adjudicate the child as a delinquent. While the differences between criminal and delinquent offense may be defined differently, the negative effect such an accusation may have on a child or his/her parents is not lost on Price Law Group. We take the same approach for our juvenile clients as we do for our adult clients, fighting to gain the best result possible while challenging each allegation lodged against them directly and aggressively. More so than in the adult arena, juvenile cases typically find a more understanding court apparatus, and the relationships forged over the years by Price Law Group with the prosecuting and court authorities allows for smooth and simple navigation through the process for our juvenile clients. As in all cases, we make clear to our clients whose side we are on, and while certain cases may require a tough defense, others may necessitate frank advice. We advocate for children in hopes of providing them a champion in their legal struggle, while also dealing honestly with them on making choices that allow them to mature into adulthood.

Violation of Probation
One of the surest ways to find yourself facing a jail sentence is when a judge gives you a second chance and you blow it. What may seem like a hopeless circumstance is simply another opportunity for our firm to demonstrate its mantra of zealously defending our clients. Every day spent behind bars can be a disaster for any Defendant. Similarly, we recognize that excessive punishment for minor violation does little for the community at large, other than passing unnecessary burdens onto the taxpayers. Through the years, we have represented thousands of Defendants faced with revocation of their probation sentences, and never despair the outcome, providing confidence and advocacy for each client faced with such difficult consequences. We have built a reputation for convincing courts to consider alternative and less restrictive punishments, while negotiating with prosecutors to consider another chance.

Student Arrests
When a student is charged with a crime at an early time in their life, they not only have to be worried about criminal prosecution through the court system, but also how their criminal charges will affect their ability to continue receiving an education at their current school or other institution of higher learning, and how their life and future opportunities may be affected. All too frequently, clients seek the assistance of Price Law Group only after their child has entered into an agreement with the prosecutor or school officials which they discover has major and unfortunate ramifications for the child’s future after it is too late. Accordingly, it is important not only to resolve the immediately pressing issues such as reversal of a suspension and your child’s return to class, but also to consult with an attorney regarding the potential future consequences. For example, many parents are completely unaware that a minor misdemeanor theft plea that simply places the child on probation is likely to prevent the child from pursuing a career in education any many other licensed professions, and only discover the problem years later when their child is denied application to colleges or graduate programs. Thankfully, the team at Price Law Group is experienced in representing your child in front of both the court system and school tribunals, and focus on achieving the results that will not just solve the immediate problems, but will keep your child on a track for success as much as possible. Our attorney’s frequently represent minors and college students in the Juvenile Courts, State Courts, and Superior Courts, as well as in administrative and disciplinary hearings in front of the Board of Education and college tribunals, for incidents occurring on campus or otherwise violating school rules and policies. Regardless of when or where your child may be facing legal consequences, it is important to engage one of our attorneys as soon as a problem arises so that we can immediately begin to address the situation and prevent it from spiraling out of control. Contact us today for an expedited phone appointment so we can begin working on your child’s behalf.

Other Criminal Charges
The attorneys at Price Law Group regularly defend against many other types of alleged law violations, whether they are felony charges, misdemeanor charges, traffic violations, or simple county or municipal ordinance violations. We understand that every criminal warrant or charge is a major concern to every client, regardless of the severity of the charge. The following are additional examples of the types of charges and issues we regularly defend our clients against:
  • Property Crimes
  • Public Order Crimes
  • Sex Offenses
  • Weapons Crimes
  • Interference With Custody
  • Public Drunkenness
  • Vandalism
  • Criminal Trespass
  • Criminal Damage
  • Obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer
  • Stalking
  • Family Violence Charges
  • Battery/Simple Battery
  • Assault
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Driving With No License/Suspended License
  • Driving with Suspended tag or Suspended Insurance
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Reckless Driving
  • Other Misdemeanors and Traffic Offenses
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