Helping Those with Legal Issues in a World Shaken by the Pandemic

Despite the obstacles created by COVID, Price Law Group has adapted to new ways of advising and representing people in need.

While other law firms seemed to take a step back the past two years, the attorneys at Price law Group remained committed to moving forward, without a break. That’s required new solutions and approaches on behalf of people who have turned to us for help.

For example, our meetings with clients can be conducted by phone or video call. Documents can be transmitted, forwarded, signed, and returned electronically.

That’s not the only thing that’s gone to remote technology

As court proceedings themselves have shifted from in-person events to video conferencing, the staff here has worked with clients to make sure they have what they need to participate. A fuzzy picture or audio on a remote call can bog things down for all involved. We provide access to technology to allow proceedings to go smoothly.

We’ve also had to adapt to the nuances of this new reality, as well as challenges regarding control and predictability. Issues of decorum for, say, a witness sitting in a courtroom may not seem as pressing when that person is sitting alone in their car or bedroom.

Our attorneys have doubled down on ensuring that clients and witnesses are adequately and professionally prepared, and understand the seriousness and significance of what is happening at each stage.

Having the right relationships and experience at local courthouses allows us to know exactly who to contact, and how to proceed efficiently.

Other challenges and changes at the courthouse

Before the pandemic, the court carefully maintained and updated calendars, so we could look up the date of an upcoming court date. But today, things are more fluid and uncertain, affected by cancellations and the availability of the necessary technology to conduct proceedings remotely.

However, having the right relationships and experience at local courthouses allows our attorneys to know exactly who to contact, and how to proceed, to keep things progressing as smoothly as possible.

Being a lawyer isn’t just about navigating the legal system

It’s also about supporting people, instilling confidence and hope when they’re in trouble and scared about what’s next.

Coming up with solutions regarding the law is just what we do for people, and we see no reason to change that, no matter how much the world around us has changed.

Need help with a legal issue?

Despite the pandemic’s challenges, we want to help put this difficult time behind you as quickly as possible. Call Price Law Group at 770.479.1471 or contact us here.